Innovative, Passionate, Visionary. Amit Inderdeo is the epitome of these attributes, which reflects in his works as an accomplished singer, producer, and songwriter.  His melodic and dynamic vocals evoke the deepest of emotions. His ability to fuse different genres of music together connects his audience to the essence of what music represents. Amit’s journey began at the age of seven, where he was introduced to the tabla by his father and first Guru, Vishnu Inderdeo. This became the gateway to Amit’s lifelong journey of submersion into the world of music. During his early years, his interested grew to include North Indian Classical Vocals. Under the strict guidance of Pandit Nandkishore Muley,  Amit took his first step into studying the art of hindustani classical music. As his passion and mastery of the intricacies of this genre deepened, he furthered his studies and vocal training with Rajesh Kelkar, a scholar vocalist and professor of The MS University of Baroda. This intense course of study transformed this gifted artist’s vocals and he departed with a distinctive trademark sound of his own.

Amit continued to study music independently and fell in love with the art of Ghazals. This love culminated into the opportunity to study this art with renowned ghazal singer, Rajkumar Rizvi, nephew and disciple of the late Mehndi Hassan. Amit cites the core of his musical journey as a passion to acquire and share knowledge. This magnetic vision has brought him the fortune of having great mentors such as Sudhir Narain, Jeetu Shankar, and poet Afreenji, who each have played a pivotal role in shaping Amit not only as a student of music, but as a recording and performing artist.

This culturally rich musical training coupled with Amit’s own experience in diverse genres of music makes him a unique and sought out artist in today’s industry. Amit is proficient in a wide range of musical styles and has produced Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, and Bollywood tracks. One of his major accomplishments as a music producer is his collaboration with Bollywood’s top musician, Jeetu Shankar.  Achievements and accolades are no stranger to Amit, who cites his proudest moment as his collaborations with world renowned playback singer Udit Narayan on his first album “Vandana” and India’s beloved Sufi singer Richa Sharma on his single “Maula Hu”. Success does not detract from this artist’s true mission; his focus is to remain faithful to this art form and to be privileged to share his knowledge and musical fever with the world.